When Andrew and Karen opened the Riverside Deli in Barrowford, it was about much more than simply showcasing the wonderful flavours of vegan and plant based foods and their many exciting possibilities.

They wanted to introduce these delicious dishes to everyone in order to challenge the stereotypes and falsely held perceptions about the limited choice and versatility of great vegan and vegetarian ingredients.

The Riverside Deli specialises in takeaway food of exceptional quality, including wraps, stews, curries and sandwiches, all of which demonstrate the incredible range of options available using only vegan and vegetarian ingredients.

There is also a frozen section containing ice-cream, quiches and tarts, plus a tinned section carrying a range of essential supplementary ingredients.

Around 95% of food stocked at The Riverside Deli is vegan, with vegetarian food making up the remaining 5%.

Ingredients and products are sourced locally wherever possible. All packaging is biodegradable or recyclable.

Importantly, both Andrew and Karen hold university degrees in the related fields of food science and the health sciences respectively.

Thanks to their academic background and passion for vegan food they can help customers with any questions they may have about the dietary and nutritional benefits of the dishes and ingredients in-store.

This knowledge is what sets them apart from the others in the field, helping them to develop a genuine relationship of trust with their customers.

Alongside its mouth-watering food, The Riverside Deli also offers vegan beauty care products and is set to introduce clothing and accessories – all made using only natural materials.

With so much to discover and enjoy, maybe it’s time that you paid a visit to The Riverside Deli, where good food and good health go hand-in-hand.

We have responded to our customers demand by adding Gluten Free products to our range . We now have a large Gluten Free section covering the deli, chilled, frozen and ambiant product sections. We also stock a lot of Organic products throughout the store so please browse at your leisure.