We stock a large range of the famous Vbites fresh products who proudly manufacture the widest range of plant-based alternatives to meat, fish and dairy. If you are new to VBites we stock their signature products which have helped make them famous as The Pioneers of Plant-Based Food.

CHEESE - We have a variety of chilled products including cheeses, black pudding, coconut Steaks, Burgers, squirty cream all dairy free.

We have a local vegan cheese supplier with fab flavours such as applewood and walnut, roasted red pepper, mushroom and thyme , chilli to name a few.

SOFT DRINKS - The Cawston Press range of  drinks come in 3 unique flavours: Rhubarb is pressed & blended with crisp apple juice,  Cloudy Apple made with handpicked Jonagold, Gala & Braeburn Apples and  Elderflower Lemonade made from delicate elderflower, pressed lemons & apples.

COOKED MEATS - Currently in stock are the Vbites  Ham style slices and Garlic style Sausage slices which is made from a delicious blend of wheat gluten, vegetable oil and soya protein formed into either Garlic or Ham style slices.

BREAKFAST CHOICES - Our meat free bacon range includes Maple flavour Rashers and Chorizo style chunks both made from a  delicious blend of wheat gluten, vegetable oil and soya protein formed into either bacon style slices or chorizo style piece.s  In store is the famous  vegan black pudding from the award winning Bury Black Pudding Company.

VEGI DELI PRODUCTS - Also in the Chilled section you will find Vegetarian & Vegan meat & dairy free Schnitzels and Lincolnshire style Sausage which contain no artificial colours and are GMO free,  a delicious blend of wheat gluten, vegetable oil and soya protein formed into either Sausage or Schnitzel style pieces.

Also from the deli are a choice of 3 pate’s Mushroom, Gourmet Beanfeast and Brussels Style which is quick and easy to serve on your favourite bread or crackers, alternatively can be used to make delicious canapes.

EVERYDAY CHEESES - VBites Cheezly Cheese is a Delicious Animal & Dairy free, Lactose free, Gluten Free, No Artificial colours or Preservatives. The perfect alternative to cheese. VBites range of cheese is so versatile and super flavourful ! White Cheddar, Red Cheddar, Pepperjack and Mozzarella are perfect for slicing, grating and cooking. If you are looking for a cheese to fry or grill we stock  Nutcrafter Vhalloumi Levantine cashew block.

ARTISAN CHEESES - Stock of  Artisan Vegan & Gluten Free cheese from two local suppliers –  The Walnut Gatherer and The Nutcrafter – produce super flavourful  flavours including  Applewood and Walnut, Roasted Red Pepper, Mushroom and Thyme, Roasted Garlic and Chilli to name a few. Insanely Delicious Vegan Cheese that is so dang delicious! Creamy, dreamy  and addictive!  a real treat after dinner with crackers or bread.

CREAM & BUTTER - You will find our  Dairy free spreadable alternatives in the chiller: PURA rich in olive oil goodness, delicious spread on fresh ciabatta or melted on piping hot potatoes, also NATURLI  Vegan Spreadable is an Organic vegan butter .New in is smooth & creamy KOKO soft cream cheese, fantastic on toast and bagels, in sauces and it makes a great pizza topping as it spreads perfectly when heated. If you miss Squirty Cream, we stock both  the Heavenly Whipped and  Schlagcreme ranges. They are plant based, slightly sweetened, dairy free, soya free and coconut free in an aerosol. With brilliant fluffy texture and long lasting stability they are the perfect choice for using on  desserts, cakes, hot/cold drinks, ice cream and fruit. Alternatively we have Oatly Vanilla custard, made from oats, which means it is made on something that grows beautiful in the ground. Now over to the technical features section: you can whip it up to make it fluffy or just pour straight onto some berries from your garden or that apple pie like momma used to bake.