15 Jan

As Andrew and Karen reflect on the success enjoyed by The Riverside Deli in Barrowford in 2018, they can feel more than satisfied. When the business opened less than a year ago, it was about much more than simply showcasing the wonderful flavours of vegan and vegetarian foods and their many exciting possibilities. They wanted to introduce these delicious dishes to everyone and challenge the stereotypes about the limited choice and versatility of vegan and vegetarian ingredients.

And it is mission accomplished.

Last year, we all became more aware of the potential harm our conventional eating habits and meat consumption could cause to the planet.While that didn’t mean countless numbers turning to veganism or vegetarianism (although there has been a sharp rise), it did alert us to the possibility of becoming more ‘flexitarian’ in our diets. For those committed to such dietary or lifestyle changes this new year, The Riverside Deli is the perfect destination.

Despite being a store committed to the vegan principles upon which it was established, it certainly isn’t a ‘vegan only’ venue! Whatever your dietary balance, you are welcome to find out more about potential alternatives and their nutritional benefits. It’s also ideal for anyone with vegan friends or family members. Thanks to its range of products, you’re sure to find a birthday or anniversary gift that wouldn’t be available on the high street.

The Riverside specialises in takeaway food of exceptional quality, including wraps, stews, curries and sandwiches, all of which demonstrate the incredible range of options available using only vegan and vegetarian ingredients. And it’s not just the quality and taste that has attracted customers from across Lancashire and beyond; more and more people are discovering that vegan and vegetarian foods are healthier, more filling, and don’t leave them feeling bloated.

In addition to its extensive range of foods and ingredients, 2019 will see the introduction of 5 events licences, allowing The Riverside Deli to sell vegan beers, wines and spirits on selected dates throughout the year. Ingredients and products are sourced locally wherever possible. All packaging is biodegradable or recyclable.

Importantly, both Andrew and Karen hold university degrees in the related fields of food science and the health sciences respectively, so they can answer questions about the dishes and ingredients in-store. This knowledge is what sets them apart from others in the field, helping them to develop a genuine relationship of trust with their customers.

Alongside its mouthwatering food, The Riverside’s vegan beauty care products from Tropic proved to be another exceptionally popular range among customers in 2018. This demand is likely to continue into this year too, with the new clothing and accessories – all made using only natural materials – also gathering rapid momentum.

This range includes innovations such as T-shirts made from recycled natural fabrics, and a stunning range of leaf leather shoulder bags, wallets and purses.

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