The finest ingredients, Original recipes. Dry goods and many of our products are organic and gluten free. Snacks range from brown bag crisps, flap jacks and nudie snacks.

TEAS - Riverside deli proudly stock a range of the infamous Heath & Heather (H&H) Organic Teas. H&H have been synonymous with pioneering herbal remedies since 1920, they only use the finest natural and organic ingredients known for their therapeutic and rejuvenating properties.

BEANS - The deli stocks a small selection of Suma’s organic beans who have been supplying delicious responsibly sourced products since 1977. Along with the cannellini, black & butter beans we stock the most popular ready cooked Suma Baked beans & Burger and Baked beans & sausage.

HOME BAKING - A small selection of ingredients available, we currently stock Coconut sugar, vegetarian suet, wheat gluten, easy egg mix, and flour. There is also the very popular  Free and Easy cake mixes and Superfood Green Origins Organic cacao powder (Bone health) , Organic cacao butter (skin moisturising) and Organic acai berry (immune system support) all of which are pure as nature intended and have different health benefits.

HERBS & SPICES - We stock a range of the finest quality of herbs and spices for all your cooking requirements. By choosing Suma’s herbs and spices you are playing a vital part in the provision of cruelty-free, ethical, vegetarian, fairly traded and organic products.

STOCKS - From Gluten free Bullion stock cubes and powder to Engevita yeast flakes, either standard or enriched with B12, which are high in protein and fibre; vegan food with a cheesy nutty taste made from primary inactive yeast.

NUT ROAST - Artisan Grains produce three delicious wholesome Nut Roast Loaf flavours including the most popular Vegan Vegetables & Cashew nuts, Mediterranean Sundried Tomato and the Gluten Free Cashew Nut & Cranberry.

PASTA - There is a variety of dried pasta which are in the Vegan , organic and gluten free. Choose from Brown Rice Fusilli and Penne, Red lentil penne, Chickpea fusilli, Chickpea spaghetti and Rice noodles as well as a Savoury Bolognese sauce to accompany them.

JACKFRUIT - Native to Southeast Asia, Jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world and capable of reaching up to 100 pounds in weight! While it has a spiky exterior and fibrous interior, the fruit’s varying stages of maturity yield both different textures and are available at our store in Thai curry, BBQ or Natural Flavours. Such a versatile fruit!